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At Pure28, we believe that lives can be transformed through the power of health. We understand that health and wellness has less to do with the number on the scale or the shape of your body. Instead it’s feeding and caring for yourself in a such a way that you can live life to the fullest. 



The journey of life-transforming health is one of changing habits. Most likely, you will first need to heal and detoxify from your old way of life, as well as be energized and supported to step into new. To help support you in this journey, Pure28 follows The Simple Process (originally coined by our licensed partners, Nutragen).


The Simple Process (TSP) focuses on three key steps that are easy to understand and are practical implement, allowing you to stay focused on what matters when it comes to improving your health and changing your life.

Step 1: Remove inflammatory foods and the food products that are causing poor health.
Step 2: Eat more “whole”, clean foods that represent the foundational nutrition needs of our body: protein, healthy fat, fiber, and greens.
Step 3: Supplement and strengthen that foundation with nutrient-dense whole-food substitutes.



At Pure28, it is our goal to educate and empower you through all three steps. We do this through our blog, our social media channels, and by offering premium quality whole-food substitutes for each of the four foundational nutrition needs, as well as reducing inflammation and aiding your body through a complete cleanse.


Pure28 carries premium products formulated by the doctors at Nutragen. Nutragen is dedicated to the highest purity and potency, and each substitute has a “From Soil to Seal” Guarantee. (Learn about their formulation process and the originating doctors here).



Chris Booth is the founder of Pure28. After going through a life-changing transformation in his own health, he became certified a trainer to help others reach their health goals. For several years, he was nationally known as the trainer to Larry Evans, a 700lb man who inspired others with his determination to lose weight and live life to it's fullest. From their work together, Chris founded the Let’s Shrink Obesity movement, with an online community of over 10,000 “Shrinkers” of every size who are dedicated to transforming their life through health and wellness. Chris is passionate about helping others reach their health goals and believes that The Simple Process and the use of the Pure28 substitutes is the best way to do this.



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